Maximum Apocalypse Now on Kickstarter

Today has been a day for Kickstarters! Maximum Apocalypse, a new game from the creator of Brass Empire, Mike Gnade, has hit Kickstarter.

Published by Rock Manor Games, Maximum Apocalypse is a campaign driven, co-op for 1-6 players where everyone is playing in a post-apocalyptic world and trying their best to survive. Each survivor has a unique class that will give players different roles within the group such as the Fireman who is great at fighting monsters with his axe, while the Hunter is adept at avoiding traps .

The game starts with 3 different post-apocalyptic scenarios, but you can mix it up by adding in different monsters, map tiles, scavenge items, and missions.  That, plus the fact that the game uses a modular board, should give the game tons of replayability.

You can pick up a copy for a pledge of $40 +shipping or you can toss in some more money to also pick up Brass Empire, Mike’s Steampunk Deckbuilding Card Game. To learn more and/or pledge head on over to the Maximum Apocalypse Kickstarter.


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