Dungeon Dice: The Lost King Rolls Over Kickstarter

Potluck Games is Kickstarting the latest expansion to their dice-rolling, dungeon crawler: Dungeon Dice.

The Dungeon Dice: The Lost King expansion adds 32 dice to the game , including one jumbo Dungeon die (32mm). The dice represent traps, shrines, one-use dice, relics and the Lost King. Staor is, that lost king is actually a thief who stole the fabled Philosophers stone. Your goal is to get that stone back and earn yourself a mighty reputation as an adventurer. 

So what’s up with the fancy new dungeon die? At the beginning of the game, the 1st player will roll the die and the resulting roll will let you know which location all players are currently in and which effects are in play.

You can reroll the dungeon die and thus change your location by one of 3 ways: Everytime you earn FAME, if you lose a fight, or with the ONE-USE dice with the “explore” ability.

Dungeon Dice: The Lost King Kickstarter has smashed its goals, earning over $100,000 dollars in under 24 hours and adding 18 more dice through stretch goals. There is also a new box that will be large enough to hold all of the expansions to date and a comprehensive rule book and reference sheets.

If you never got the original game, you can also get a copy through the Kickstarter. This is a great way to pick up Dungeon Dice with all the bells and whistles. You can check out Dungeon Dice: The Lost King Kickstarter campaign here and follow @potluck_games on twitter for updates.





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