Jess’s Top Five Kickstarters of the Week 4/14/17

Jess: Hold on to your wallets people! It’s time for my weekly roundup of stand out Kickstarters!

1. Bridges to Nowhere

I’ve seen a bunch of friends and twitter followers checking out this game so I felt compelled to take a gander.

Bridges to Nowhere is a card drafting micro-game about building a better bridge than everyone else. Hmmm a building game you say. Welp I’m in.

It looks like a card drafting game in a similar vein to something like Circle the Wagons, where every turn you are taking a card and adding it to your bridge trying to make high scoring combos. It sounds simple, quick, fun and for only $12, a pretty good game to pick up. Check out the Bridges to Nowhere Kickstarter campaign here.

2. Petrichor

Cheeky, mischievous clouds? I like your style Mighty Boards.
In Petrichor, you play a cloud who is trying to water the most crops. I love the idea of clouds getting into minor scuffles over watering plants. The game is for 1-4 players and is a action selection/area influence game. I like that it has a solo mode and the art is really freaking pretty. I am also highly amused by the little cloud cups you get to hold sun and rain tokens. You can pick up a copy of the game and all applicable stretch goals for $45 on the Petrichor Kickstarter.

3. King’s Champion

Andrew turned me on to this game because it is a dice rolling, worker placement jousting game. In King’s Champion, 2 players are knights facing off in the King’s Jousting Tournament. You can level up your buildings, get squires, add equipment, and promote your knights to make it more likely you will best your opponent in battle. King’s Champion has a ton of stuff packed into the box and looks nicely designed.

Andrew: I love the idea. I was given a walkthough by the creator and when I looked at it, it was still being refined, but it seemed like it had a lot of potential to be a really fun dice chucker.

Mount up and ride over to the King’s Champion Kickstarter campaign for more info!

4. Bios: Genesis 2nd edition

Phil Eklund is back at it! Bios: Genesis is getting a reprint and now has improved graphics, illustrations, and new rulebook! The game is a 1-4 player co-op game where you are creating life itself. Through a whole bunch of sciency stuff that involves rolling dice and card drafting, you will earn points by evolving your organic compounds into more complex creatures.

This edition also includes rules which allow you to play from the origins of life in Bios:Genesis, into the time of dinosaurs in Bios: MegaFauna (which will be released later this year) and interstellar travel in Bios:Origins (coming 2018). Learn more about the game on the  Bios:Genesis Kickstarter campaign page.

5. Omiga the one minute game

Omiga touts itself as a game you can play anywhere and considering how small the box is, I am inclined to agree although I seriously have my doubts about the pool scene in their video.

Sorry Sebastian, but we’ve got you topped in the board game scene.

Omiga is simple. It is a 2 player game where each player is quickly laying down cards trying to either get behind their opponent’s line or reach the other side of the table. You can only lay a card down where it’s colors match so there is some strategy to it. Omiga looks like a great bar game or and in between game. I also like that there’s a solo play option so you can play whenever you want. A bite-sized game that looks ready to please, Omiga is on kickstarter right now.

So what games are you backing this week? Are there any campaigns that really intrigue you? Let us know in the comments below!

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