New Slap Game Card Castle Hits Kickstarter

 Let’s get into a slap fight!

Jess: No not that kind. I’m talking reflex card games. Shel Games has launched the Kickstarter campaign for Card Castle, a slap-happy game for 2-8 players.

Card Castle

The point of the game is to grow your army by being the first to slap specific cards and card combinations. Each player beings a game of Card Castle with a pile of face down cards. Taking turns, players will flip cards face-up on the table, trying to beat the previously played card. If the card being played matches the one beneath it (or is a door or wizard card), the first player to slap the pile takes all the cards in the stack and adds them to their army.

Don’t get too slap-focused though. There are some cards that look pretty similar, but are not exact matches and you don’t want to slap the dragons. They get ornery. Players who mis-slap, must discard their top Army card to the bottom of the Card Castle. Play continues until one player has all the cards.

In games with 3 or more players, anyone who gets eliminated by losing all their cards can join Team Dragon and their winnings are added to the Dragons’ Keep.

Jess: I don’t really like games with elimination rules, so getting back in the game as part of a team sounds like it will take a bit of the sting out of it. Also the fast pace of the game will probably keep the “I’ll go make a sandwich while you guys finish playing” factor to a minimum.

Card Castle creator, Polo Schlemmer says “I wanted to start with a game that was fun and familiar, then stir things up with a few diabolical elements and mechanics that would make game-play a little more challenging. We’re launching Card Castle as our first title because we love how tactile and energetic the game is – it’s been a great ice-breaker at demos and exhibitions. I’ve played the prototype more times than I can count, but it never feels old, which is great because I’m really looking forward to playing Card Castle at game nights and conventions for years to come!”

Jess: Looking at the project, the game isn’t an eye catcher, but I have played plenty of card-slap games in the past and have always enjoyed them. With the addition of dragons and trick cards, Card Castle seems to have enough going on to intrigue me. It seems like the kind of game I would pull out at parties to get the energy up. You can slap your pledge down on the Card Castle Kickstarter here!

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