Terra Mystica Gets Apped

DIGIDICED has released their latest board game to app: Helge Ostertag and Jens Drögemüller’s Terra Mystica!

terra mystica app board

In Terra Mystica players compete to terraform the world and lead their faction to victory. The app allows for up to 5 players and gives you 14 different factions to choose from.

terra mystica app screen

You have 3 levels of AI to compete against if you want to play a solo game, but you can also play cross-platform multiplayer in ranked world ladder games and casual games with friends. If you are a serious competitor you can watch replays of games to analyze tactics and study from the pros.

DIGIDICED also says the addon Fire & Ice, a Deep Learning AI, and the Steam version are already in production.

Jess: I’ll be very curious to see how the tutorial works on this one as Terra Mystica is a pretty deep game and there will be a lot going on on screen. I suspect it may be overwhelming to a new player, but with the right guidance, it is a really fun game. You can download the Terra Mystica app using these links: iOSAndroidWindowsPhone 


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