Blast Off with Rayguns & Rocketships on Kickstarter

Calling all planeteers! IDW Games and Scott Rogers (whose name is straight out of golden-age of Sci-Fi space opera) has created a game based on golden-age of Sci-Fi space operas. Go figure.

Rayguns & Rocketships is a 2-4 player action strategy game packed with miniatures. Players will take control of a rocketship and her crew. Assign your crew members to different stations on your ship and then blast off for adventure. Using programmatic play you will plot out your course 3 moves ahead and hope to gain the advantage over your opponents as everyone is looking to shoot the heck out of each other.


There are 4 factions to play as: the Galactic Astro Rangers, the Grand Zardian Navy, the Star Pirates of Samadi, and the Blaarg Collective. Each crew comes with a bunch of fun minis (1 oversized ship, 1 astro captain, and 6 crew members).

To win Rayguns & Rocketships you’ll need to engage in an epic space battle with the other players. You’ll earn victory points by destroying Rayguns, defeating crew members, and dealing damage to your opponents’ ships. Once you hit the victory point limit, everyone have one more turn to try to win.

Scott Rogers has alot of experience with gaming (he has a background in video game design and has designed over 50 AAA titles like God of War, Pac-Man World, the Maximo series, Drawn to Life, and Darksiders) and it shows. Rayguns & Rocketships  looks straight out of a classic sci-fi comic book. The art is spot on and the gameplay is intriguing. While it doesn’t look like my cup of Samadian space tea, I know a bunch of gamers who love head-to-head fighting games that this will appeal to. You can learn more about the game on the Rayguns & Rocketships Kickstarter Campaign page.

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