Be Still My Beating Wallet. Cat Fireworks is Coming

The universe is testing me.

First there was the Fallout Board game. Now there is Cat Fireworks, a new game in the works by Hello-Aza. I’m not sure I can contain myself…

The kitty is so enraptured, it forgot to put its tongue away!

I know literal bupkiss about this game other than these facts:

  1. It involves fireworks and perhaps a cat who is fascinated by them.
  2. It is based on the Daeje Choi Fireworks Festival
  3. Cat Fireworks will be available to pre-order with a limited edition paper tape for free on May 1st. (Yeah, it’s a Japanese form.  Good luck!)
  4. More info is coming on 5/5
  5. The prototype will be premiering at Tokyo Game Market this May.
  6. I need a ticket to the Tokyo Game Market.

Aza has posted some sketches of the work being done on the game and I am so sold already. I know, I know, I am an easy sell for anything adorable, but Hello-Aza puts out some fun games. They are light, fun, and always packed with cuteness.

Image Credits: Aza Chen (Hello-Aza)

Update: I found more images of the game!

Image Credits: Aza Chen (Hello-Aza)

One of these days I’m going to get to the Tokyo Game Market and probably go broke buying a bunch of games like this. In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to wait for Renegade Games to create an American version for me.

Just try to say no to these eyes Renegade. Just try.

Are you attending the Tokyo Game Market? What games are you looking forward to. Can you take me with you? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Be Still My Beating Wallet. Cat Fireworks is Coming

  • April 28, 2017 at 1:45 am

    Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for supporting me. Our booth number is M16. Look forward to seeing you there!

    • April 28, 2017 at 9:21 am

      Oh man I wish I could go, but you have a great time for me!


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