Jess’s Kickstarter Fav Five of the Week 5/5/17

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! It’s Friday so that means checking out Kickstarters. What caught my eye this week? Let’s find out:

1. Sailing Toward Osiris
Sailing Toward Osiris

I’ve actually gotten to play a preview copy of this game and I really enjoyed it. Everyone is trying to build as many monuments as they can to honor the late Pharaoh as his body travels downriver to its final resting place. We’ve been pleased by other Daily Magic Games and Sailing Toward Osiris has some fun mechanics. You can read a full review here.

Boat up and check out the Sailing Toward Osiris Kickstarter here.


2. Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks – The Ultimate GM’s Guide

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks
When playing roleplaying games, one of the things my group loves to do is visit taverns and inns, because we like to see what our GM will come up with. LoreSmyth has created an 80 page buide that is usable with any system. It will provide you fluff for several ready-made inns like The North Call Inn, Fizzlenozzle’s Hall of Wonders and The King’s Coin, but Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks also includes everything you need to create your own notable watering holes.

Take a gander at the Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks kickstarter page here.


3. Clans of Caledonia: A Game about Whisky, Trade, and Glory

clans of caledonia

I was immediately pulled in by the illustrations by Klemens Franz, who has done work previously for games such as Agricola, Caverna and Isle of Skye. His style is very recognizable and pretty reliably, the games he works on have been extremely popular.

I think Clans of Caledonia will probably end up on that list of winners as well.  We like a good euro here at Gameosity and it looks like the game will hit just the right spot. It mixes elements of games like Terra MysticaNavegador, and Voyages of Marco Polo, to create a 1 to 4 player, economic-strategy game.

The game has a ton of bits and boards. Each board is double sided, giving you plenty of options for set up and extending its playability. I love the metal coins that come with the premium version. They’re supplied by the same company that made the Scythe coins, so you know they’ll be good.

Take a look at Clans of Caledonia here!


4. Game Upgrades 3.0 by Meeple Source!

meeple source kickstarter
Meeple Source makes great bits simple as that. This time around they’re Kickstarting sets for a ton of games I love; Carcassonne, Pandemic, Camel Up, Islebound, Above and Below, and more! I like the chunky meeples and the custom shapes they came up with for the Charterstone meeples are adorable. I’m really all bout the Islebound and Above and Below bits though. FISH MEEPLES!

Ok enough of my excitement. Go get your game upgrades on the Meeple Source Kickstarter here.


5. Skyways: A City Building Game REMASTERED

skyways kickstarterOh city-building games, why am I so addicted to you?

What interested me in Eagle-Gryphon Games‘ Skyways, is that the game is 3 dimensional. When you build your city up, it physically goes UP! This mechanic was super successful in Santorini and I anticipate enjoying it in Skyways. I like that it changes up how you strategize about city building games and it’s just darned fun to play with blocks.

Don a hard hat and hit the Kickstarter site for Skyways here.

What Kickstarters will you be backing this week? Which ones should we check out next? Let us know in the comments below!

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