Gen Con 50 Event Catalog Comes Out Today!

Jess: Are you ready for some Gen Con planning goodness? I sure am!

Noon (EST) today Gen Con will be making their events catalog live. The initial list of games, talks, contests, and tournaments are not all you can look forward to. More exciting events will be added as Gen Con draws ever nearer.

You’ll be able to search for events 3 different ways:

  • “Find Events” tool which works on mobile and desktop
  • Classic Event Finder
  • A downloadable spreadsheet that updates every six hours made available on the forums.

Jess: Once the list goes live, I’ll be building my wishlist; packed full of gaming awesomeness. To build your own you’ll need a account and a Gen Con 50 badge. Once you sign in you can add events to your Wish List with any of the three event search methods. You can also modify it; changing event priority and adding events that overlap in schedule. A word of warning though: Don’t get too overzealous. You can only have up to 50 events in your Wish List.

Camp out on the Gen Con website to see the list go live!

What do you hope to see in this years events? If you are running any, let us know which ones so I can sign up!

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