Help Funforge Greenlight Tokaido on Steam!

Jess: Ok you all know the deal: I love Tokaido.

I want to play it on every platform I can get it on and right now Funforge has a Greenlight campaign on Steam. Greenlight campaigns let fans vote on titles to be made available on Steam for PC and Mac so this is our chance to help out!

This version of the digital game will be cross-platform with the iOS/Android existing versions meaning your games will carry over (which is fantastic for those who already have the mobile game) and, because computers give developers a little more room to work than apps, the Steam edition will have advanced graphical effects.

You can see in the video below that they have added a subtle motion blur on the camera and made the motion much smoother in general. Tokaido is a beautiful game and I love seeing it get the full visual treatment.

In order for Tokaido to become available on Steam Funforge needs your votes. All you have to do is login to your Steam account, go to Tokaido on Steam, and hit that thumbs up button! Do it now so we can all enjoy the game!


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