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Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 6/16/17

Looking for something exciting and fun to throw your money at? Well Lets kick off this Friday with the 5 Kickstarters of the week that have me eyeing my wallet.

1. Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture

Oaxaca board game

Oaxaca is a beautiful dice rolling/engine building game about crafting handmade goods in the Southern Mexico city of Oaxaca. I love the custom dice and the the game mechanics look really well designed. Its great that as you play, the objects you craft not only get you points, but also give you bonus that makes crafting easier like dice manipulation, scoring extra points, or bonus actions.

You can learn more about Oaxaca on Kickstarter here.

2. Rise of Tribes

Want more custom dice? Breaking GamesRise of Tribes shall answer the call! In the game 2-4 players are in charge of tribes looking to grow and prosper. The game uses modular hex tiles to create a board giving you a lot of variety each time you play. Also Rise of Tribes uses a unique dice shifting mechanic where you will be placing dice on your board and shifting them to the right as you place more.

rise of tribes dice

The combination of dice will determine the strength of the actions you have placed them on. I’m intrigued by this and can’t wait to see how it plays.

Check out Rise of Tribes on Kickstarter here.

3. Nerd Fest – The Comic Convention Game

nerd fest board game

The video on this one sold me. I got to a lot of nerdy conventions each year and I know the feeling of wanting to do and see as much as you possibly can. Creator Dan Goodsell has locked onto that feeling and used it to make a dice rolling/set collection game. In Nerd Fest you take on the role of a nerdy fan looking to collect up swag to make your dreams come true. The art in this game gives it a light, funny feel and there is just something about it that calls to my soul.

Explore Nerd Fest on Kickstarter here.


4. Helionox: Deluxe Edition
helionox deluxe board game

This is a reprint of the deck building game Helionox: The Last Sunset. In this sci-fi post-apocalyptic game, players compete to earn influence and prevent disasters from destroying the human colonies.

Helionox: Deluxe Edition comes with a brand new expansion called Mercury Protocol, a game board, and a larger box which accommodates for up to 4 players (the previous edition only allowed for 1-2. If you wanted to play 4 players you needed 2 copies). This is a great upgrade for anyone who is a fan of the game and a perfect set for those looking to get into Helionox.

You can take a deeper look at Helionox: Deluxe Edition here.

5. Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares

lucidity board game

Ok, one more custom dice game and then I’ll stop. Lucidity is a strategic press-your-luck dice game. In it you are trying to escape nightmares or turn on your friends and become one. You’ll be blind-drawing dice from a bag and rolling to see how much power you can accumulate. If you manage to get 15 power you win. You can keep rolling to try to increase your power, but if you roll 4 dream symbols of one color you become a nightmare and your objectives change to consuming power and attacking players.

Lucidity feels pretty unique in the press your luck genre. The idea of turning traitor partway through the game is interesting and reminds me of games like Betrayal at House on the Hill.

You can learn more about Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares on Kickstarter here.


What games are you investing in this week. Which ones are you curious about and which ones put you off? Let us know in the comments below!

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