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With the gaming table giant, Geek Chic, riding off into the sunset, where are we to turn to for our custom, felted, inset tables with drawers, card slots, and other accoutrement? As much as we love Ikea, it just isn’t going to cut it when you need a serious gaming table. You want something impressive, something megalithic, something with cup holders!


Let’s take a look at a couple of companies who have what it takes to produce these tables of glory.

Board Game

Board Game was founded by Chad DeShon, a board gamer who wanted more than a standard table to play on. His tables are handmade in southern Missouri by a team of experienced wood workers. According to the site it takes about 60 days from order to delivery. The tables are pretty customizable, with choices on wood, cup holders, wing shelves, drawers, and more. Tables will start at between  $799 and $2499.

Learn more at


Rathskellers is a Greek furniture company focused on gaming tables. Their flagship dining room table, The Councilor, starts at 1980€ with a deposit of 750€ and comes with a bevy of technological upgrade options including USB charging stations, inset LED lighting, and a built-in Bluetooth sound system. Besides their tables they also sell some really neat Dice Stools.

You can learn more about their products at


Geeknson is a UK based manufacturer of Gaming tables as well as cabinets, chairs,table accessories, and more. They have a good selection of table styles and their quality really does look impressive. Of course with quality comes cost. These tables will start at around $1800-$3800 + $300-$350 shipping to the US. This is another company that will let you add-on upgrades like lighting, blue-tooth speakers, drawers, cup holders, and more.

You can check out these fine tables at

Game On Tables

Game On Tables has the widest selection of tables I have come across so far; with 6 different styles to choose from. They also offer storage cabinets and seating to match your tables so you can deck out your entire game room. The basic tables start at just a little over $1400 and the final price will depend on the style and add-ons you want.

Take a look at their catalog here:

If you are having a hard time finding that one and only table you desire there is always the option to build your own. If you have access to the tools and are a deft hand at wood working, you can let your imagination run wild with your table. Makezine has a great guide to building a nice table for around $150.

Read the article here: How to Build a High-End Gaming Table for as Little as $150 By Gareth Branwyn

These are just a few options for gaming furniture out there. If you’ve invested in a table let us know where you got it! Was it amazing or are you still searching for your one true table? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credits: Board Game, Rathskellers, Geeknson, Game On Tables, Makezine

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