Defense of the Citadel Returns to Kickstarter

Jess: Defense of the Citadel by Spherewalker Games looked promising back in March when it first launched (you can see my article here on it), but sadly the project didn’t meet its minimum funding goal. On July 16th the game is headed back to Kickstarter with an early-bird pledge reward. The first 129 backers will be offered a 10% discount on the game.

Defense of the citadel

Defense of the Citadel is a 1-4 player tower defense game which lets you craft items, traps, and more to help fend off an onslaught of enemy forces. The game comes with a host of gorgeous minis and some really nice art. Hopefully this time around Spherewalker Games will see success. Keep an eye on Kickstarter July 16th for the revival of Defense of the Citadel!

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