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Digital CCG Nova Blitz Now Available

Dragon Foundry and Hashbang Games have released a new real-time, collectible card game on Steam called Nova Blitz.

Nova Blitz is a real-time, digital, card game set in a future universe ruled by five Aspects of energy: Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature, and Chaos. Novas (the players) fight arena style battles for fame and fortune! The best of the best compete in the annual Nova Blitz championship, where the winner walks away with millions of Credits.

There are over 300 unique cards to collect and the game will be cross-platform so the decks you build will be available on whatever device you play on. The game will also have tournaments and a leaderboard to climb.

Jess: Games of Nova Blitz are real-time, with players taking simultaneous turns, and each game takes around 5 minutes. It sounds kind of intense for me, but I know a lot of gamers that play turn based cards games and who get frustrated when their opponent runs off to make a sandwich between turns, so this kind of game will probably appeal to them.

Nova Blitz is available on Steam now, so head over to Steam and play for free now. Nova Blitz will launch on iOS and Android in September 2017. You can sign up for the iOS and Android closed beta here. You can also learn more about the game at

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