Feudum Expansion On Kickstarter Tomorrow

What do you do when you are a University of Missouri Professor who has created a board game that grosses nearly $500,000 in preorders? You make an expansion!

Jess: Mark Swanson’s Feudum, was a breakout success on Kickstarter; funding in just 1 day. The game’s style and beautifully rendered minis give it a really original look that make me giddy over the design.

feudum game

In the original game, each player is looking to grow their wealth and fame in a strange land. Using hand management and area influence you can navigate your way to success through many different tactics like farming, fighting monsters, and joining guilds.

Odd Bird Games and developer Brian Neff of Waitress Games, have teamed up to launch a solo variant expansion called, Feudum: The Queen’s Army on Kickstarter July 27th.

In Feudum: The Queen’s Army you get to play against an A.I. opponent using an “automa” deck (a term coined by Morten Monrad Pedersen).  Automa play is designed to have the A.I. opponent interact with a player enough to make it feel like a real opponent.

“The game is incredibly in-depth and challenging, said Brian Neff. “With extra difficulty settings, you can even tune your own experience! I’ll be adding it to my collection, even with close to two dozen games under my belt!”

The solo variant takes 80 minutes to play and will include rulebooks in German, French and English.

“There’s not one right way to play it,” said Swanson. “Uniquely powered characters and multiple paths to victory make for an ever-changing, open-world experience. You have to be flexible—ready to adapt.” The solo variant features the same action programming, area influence and hand management as the base game, but with an interesting twist: The Queen wants to annihilate your band of rebels!

You can check out the project page before it goes live here and learn more about Feudum on Facebook or follow @FeudumGame on Twitter.


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