Jess Guest judges the Wacom Heroes & Villains Contest

Jess: This past March, Shapeways and Wacom ran a special Heroes & Villains Contest, where entrants could design a 28mm scale miniature. To help break a tie with the judges, I was invited to choose my top contender in the contest as a special guest judge. It was a really cool honor!

The winners are:

Gold Prize

Space Mercenary by Claudio Setti Art

Painted Version:

Silver Prize

Arcane Wizard Miniature by dsDesign

Painted Version:

Bronze Prize

Rashnar, King of the Hogs by Denetariko Shop

Congrats to all the winners. Your work looks super cool! If you would like to read more about the contest and see the runners up, check out the Shapeways blog post: Announcing the Winners of the Wacom Heroes & Villains Contest!

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