Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 7/28/17

I’m going to Coney Island today, but I couldn’t leave without giving you all my list of awesome Kickstarters of the week! Here’s what caught my eye.

1. The Spiel Press Roll and Write Gamebooks – Book 1 and 2

I love roll & writes. This is a Kickstarter for 2 books of roll & writes. Need I say more?

Ok I’ll say more.These are a pretty neat idea. Each game book has 120 pages of games where your decisions in one can affect future games. The first one is star maps where astronomers compete to map the night sky. The second is Blood Royals, a political game where several heirs to the throne battle it out to see  who will be the next king or queen.

I really can’t wait to crack these game books open! If you want to check them out, head to the The Spiel Press Roll and Write Gamebooks Kickstarter here.

2. VISITOR in Blackwood Grove

Mary Flanagan, creator of Majesty, is Kickstarting her new deduction game.  In it one player is trying to help an alien escape the clutches of the secret government agency who wants to experiment on it. The alien is hiding behind a force field and both sides are trying to guess the passcode to get past the field. It reminds me of 80’s scifi movies where it’s kids against the man in a fight for love and justice for all! Ok I might be getting a little over-excited.

Also, as an aside, one of my favorite local games stores, The Uncommons, features in the video! Yay!

Check out VISITOR in Blackwood Grove on Kickstarter here.

3. Ninjitsu! – the Ninja card game for all ages

Ninjitsu! looks like a fun little game that family friendly and packed full of quirky little ninjas. The rules are simple:  Each turn, take one action: either draw 2 cards from the deck, play a card from your hand, or swipe a hidden treasure from another player. Cards will do certain actions that will help you steal or protect treasure. The first player to collect 21 points worth of treasure is the winner.

 I love the fun art style and the fact that this game can be combined with Jellybean Games’ previous game Scuttle!, means you can have ninja vs. pirate mayhem. You can pick up both games through the Ninjitsu! Kickstarter here.

4. Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done – Deluxified™

In Crusaders: They Will Be Done, players control Templar orders who fight to spread their influence over medieval Europe.  It has a couple of mechanisms I love – mancala and rondel – merged into each other to power its area-influence gameplay.

If that wasn’t enough, throw in some nicely upgraded bits (thanks to TMG’s ‘deluxification’ process that worked so well for Yokohama), the ability to upgrade your rondel, variable player powers, and design by Seth Jaffee (Eminent Domain and Isle of Trains), and backing was a no-brainer.

Take a peek at Crusaders: They Will Be Done on Kickstarter here.

5. Catacombs Conquest

You want to attract my attention on Kickstarter? Make a really good video for your project like Elzra Games did for Catacombs Conquest. If you want to keep my attention, make sure you have a good game. Catacombs Conquest seems to fit the bill.

It is a flicking dexterity game, a genre which I’ve become a fan of since Ice Cool. The basics are you draw a card, play a card, and then get to flicking. Game like this often bring out the silliness in players and I love that. You’ll see your friends contorting their faces as they line up what they think will be a perfect shot or trying to do trick shots and end up flicking their piece right off the board. Its all great fun.

You can learn more about Catacombs Conquest on its Kickstarter page here.

What are your Kickstarter picks for the week? Let us know in the comments below!

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