Spy Fight Launches on Kickstarter

Spy Fight launched on Kickstarter recently and has already doubled its initial 30-day crowdfunding campaign goal!

According to Spy Fight creator Charlie Silver:

“Spy Fight is a spy-themed card game that lets you play with anyone, anywhere. Games typically last five to 10 minutes so it’s perfect for playing over coffee or a lunch with up to four players.”

“With the cards the size of a standard deck of cards, it’s easy to slip the deck into your pocket or purse and play an intense match with a co-worker during the day and then go home and have a Spy Fight Night with friends where the four of you can play over dinner.”

Charlie Silver has worked for Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Starbreeze Studios as a producer and lead engineer. Before that, he graduated from the #1 Game Design school in the USA – University of Southern California’s Interactive Media & Games Division.

In Spyfight you will being playing by drawing four cards and drawing a new card each round. Players will place one of their cards face down and then all players will reveal their cards simultaneously.
If you played an attack card you can choose who you are attacking.

If your opponent is lucky, they will have played a defense card.
There are also special cards which let you steal or gadgets you can use to draw cards, as well as traps. The goal of the game is to whittle your opponents down to 0 health.

Jess: Spy Fight looks pretty simple and quick to play. You can can check out Spy Fight on Kickstarter here and on the Cards for Gamers website.

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