Digital Talisman Assaulted By Dragons in New Expansion

Talisman: Digital Edition, the classic fantasy adventure board game, brings ‘The Dragon’ expansion to Steam and mobile devices.

Nomad Games has released the tenth major expansion for Talisman, The Dragon, replacing the Inner Region with new encounters and victory objectives.

The prophecies of the Dragon Cults have come to pass…

Three Draconic Lords have returned to their ancestral home in the Firelands, each one claiming dominance over territory and fighting to claim the legendary Crown of Command as his own. For he who claims this mighty artefact shall be crowned Dragon King, and all living things will bow to his tyrannical rule or suffer his rage. A new quest for the Crown of Command has begun, more terrifying and dangerous than ever before … an era of terror and flame is at hand!

Talisman: The Dragon adds a dangerous new Inner Region for heroes to conquer. The Draconic Lords and their legion of dragons are represented in over 300 new cards and tokens. Six brand-new character are each brought to life with miniatures, and offer fantastic new player experiences.

Ascend the Dragon Tower and confront the Dragon King!

Don Whiteford, Co-Founder of Nomad Games, said:

‘We are proud to release The Dragon expansion for Talisman. It has been one of the more challenging expansions to implement digitally, but I think you’ll agree it’s definitely been worth the wait!’.

‘The Dragon’ is available for PC and Mac on Steam, iOS devices the Apple Store and Android devices via Google Play. For more information visit –

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