Conan RPG GM Screen & GM Toolkit Release!

Modiphius Entertainment has released the Conan Gamemaster Screen and GM’s Toolkit! These are fantastic resources for any gamemaster running the Conan Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of  roleplaying game.

The four-panel GM’s screen is printed on thick card-stock and features has four panels, of useful tables and charts from the core rulebook. You can also find rules summaries for quick reference and the wall of cardboard can ensure that any notes you take will be kept hidden from prying player eyes.

The 32-page pdf toolkit is filled with random tables and tips to help you develop your own adventures and it includes a squad sheet to help you keep track of groups of enemies. The Conan Gamemaster’s Toolkit will help you bring to life the adventures of Robert E. Howard’s inspiring story.

Jess: When Andrew runs RPGs for me, he finds reference materials like these to be invaluable tools.  You can pick up your copies of The Conan GM Screen and GM Toolkit on and

Image Credits: Modiphius Entertainment

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