PAX Unplugged is Hiring Enforcers

PAX Enforcers are the helpful staff that keep each PAX convention running smoothly. They also help out with PAX’s charity, Child’s Play, as well as a variety of community and Enforcer-run activities throughout the year.

The applications are now open for  PAX Unplugged 2018 (Nov 30 – Dec 2) in Philadelphia, PA.

According to the form: Staff members must have frequent internet access and commit to regularly reading our private forum and Twitter, as these are our primary methods of communication. They must also commit to working a minimum of 1 shift per day over the 3 days (approx. 15-18 hours total) of the entire show. Successful Enforcer applicants will receive a free pass to PAX Unplugged and are not required to have purchased a PAX ticket. Enforcers are paid staff.

If this sounds like your jam, head on over to the PAX website and fill out this form.

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