Special Big Game Night Announcement from Alderac Entertainment Group

Every year Alderac Entertainment Group hosts their Big Game Night at Gen Con and PAX Unplugged. During the event they launch new games, have volunteers teach how to play a variety of AEG games, hand out swag, and hold raffles for exciting prizes.
This year they have  three new games premiering and the first to be shown off is Point Salad.
According to AEG: “Point Salad, designed by the team at Flatout Games, is a fast-playing easy to learn card drafting game. All cards have two sides. One side features one of six veggies, the other side one of 120 possible scoring methods. Collect cards for either their veggie side or their scoring side, then score your veggies based on ALL the scoring methods you’ve collected! But be careful, some scoring methods may result in negative points for some veggies. Don’t let your perfect salad be spoiled! “
AEG is asking for Volunteers for their Big Game Night events. You’ll need to learn all of the games prior to the event, but you will get to play some fun games and receive the Swag Bag! Reach out to conventions@alderac.com if you would like to be considered for the Big Game Night team.

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