Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 10/4/19

Jess: Hello Friday Fans! Let’s check out what crowdfunding delights Kickstarter has on offer today!


Soothsayer Kickstarter

Soothsayer is a pattern building game that tells the story of a temple of oracles. The Head Oracle has fallen ill and with a storm approaching the land, the people have come to the temple to beseech the oracles for answers. As those oracles, the players must read the stars and give advice to their people.

To play, you will be adding stars to the shared board to try to make constellations matching cards in your hand. Other players will be doing the same and thus a star you place might benefit them as well. Once a constellation is complete you must decide between 2 possible facings. If you manage to gather pairs of completed constellation cards with that rhyme, you gain additional points. The game very thematic and looks like something you might find in a mystic’s collection of tools. Gain a vision of Soothsayer by visiting it’s Kickstarter campaign here.

Catacombs Cubes (Relaunch)

Back in August I covered the original Catacombs Cubes campaign. Due to some timing issues and such, Elzra Games decided to relaunch at a later date to make sure that backers were getting the best deal possible. Catacombs Cubes is set in the Catacombs universe and tasks players with helping build the town of Stormtryne using the new cube-building mechanism. Each turn players will be able to collect cube pieces, take special actions, build a structure using their cubes, or contribute to the Palace (a public structure that all players can help build).

As I said in my previous coverage, I really like the Tetris-like mechanic of using the differently shaped cubes to build structures based on their blueprint. Catacombs Cubes really appeals to the builder in me and I can’t wait to see how the game plays overall. Check out the Catacombs Cubes Relaunch Kickstarter for more details.

Unicorn Fever

Unicorn Fever Kickstarter

When rainbows cross the sky so do the gold-crazed unicorns; racing against each other across the spectrum to bathe in the shiny pot of cash at the end. Unicorn Fever places you in the position to bet upon these magical creatures. Taking place over 4 races, players will place bets to gain Victory Points and Gold. Of course, just betting smartly won’t guarantee a win, so you can always sign contacts with shady characters who can help fix the race in your favor.

Unicorn Fever looks delightfully twisted. I adore the chonky unicorn minis and the art is just hysterical. I like that you can influence the race as you play. You just have to be careful not to get in too deep with the elven mob. Learn more about Unicorn Fever by racing over to the Kickstarter campaign here.


Labyrinthos takes the tale of the Minotaur and it’s maze and turns it into a strategy exploration game. Selected as sacrifices to sate the Minotaur’s bloodlust, the players must find a way to escape the maze before it is too late. There are four keys hidden in the labyrinth and to win you must find all four. This is tougher than it sounds as the maze is constantly shifting around you and, of course, there’s always a chance you might run into the Minotaur.

Labyrinthos is not a cooperative game and thus players will be able to mess with each other; moving tiles and pushing the Minotaur towards their enemies. I love the art as it looks like a cross between ancient greek art and a more modern illustrative style. Don’t get lost on your way to check out Labyrinthos on Kickstarter here.

Too Many Ghosts!

Too Many Ghosts looks like a family-weight take on Ghost Stories. In the game players take on the roles of ghost hunters looking to catch the bevy of spirits that have been loosed upon the city. The main mechanic is set-collection. Each turn you will have three actions to to draw a resource card, give a resource to another player, or catch a ghost.

To catch ghosts you need a set of resources matching that ghost’s requirements. If you don’t catch your ghost before the end of your turn, the ghost will age and possibly escape. The game sounds simple, but the ghosts complicate things with their special powers. They can do things like making you to discard all of your hard-earned cards or forcing you to focus on one ghost before all others. The ghost powers looks like they keep things interesting and make the game a bit more challenging. Too Many Ghosts sounds like a great game to pick up for Halloween. Check it out now on Kickstarter here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and Check back next week for more fun projects!

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