Preorders for Blood Rage: Digital Edition Are Now Available

Starting today preorders for Blood Rage: Digital Edition are now available on Steam (PC and Mac).

You can can preorder the game now and get a 10% discount plus two exclusives bonuses: the Mythical Monsters DLC and the official digital soundtrack. The game officially launches on Steam on May 27 for$19.99.

The Blood Rage: Digital Edition preorder includes:

  • 10% price discount (17,99 € / $17.99)

  • 1st exclusive bonus: Mythical Monsters DLC. Seven new exclusive beasts are available in single-player and online multiplayer. These monsters can dramatically change the course of the game with their special abilities: Mountain Giantess, Garm, Seer Troll, Wolfwoman, Ymir, Hildisvini, Nídhöggr.

  • 2nd exclusive bonus: the official digital soundtrack featuring a selection of epic tracks crafted by Anton Aklin for Blood Rage: Digital Edition.

Designed by Eric Lang, with art by Adrian Smith, Blood Rage is a Viking-themed board game where players try to achieve the greatest amount of glory before the arrival of Ragnarök. In the digital edition, players will control one of the seven Viking clans each of which has its own unique warriors, leader, and ship.

According to CMON “The original miniatures from the board game have been digitized into 3D-animated units using high-res photogrammetry, leveraging more than 100 pictures for each of them.”

Players will be able to compete online with ELO ranking and leaderboards or play solo against AI, local multiplayer. Preorder your copy now by heading over to the Blood Rage: Digital Edition Steam page!



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