Jess’s Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/8/20

Hi Friday! Whatcha got for us in Kickstarters this week?

Sea of Legends

Buckle your swash and avast your mateys. Sea of Legends is here to take you on a wild pirate ride. In the game 1-4 players will compete to become the most legendary pirate ever by raiding ports, go on adventures, fight it out with their nemesis, and discover true love. Sea of Legends is a narrative focused game that utilizes an app to manage all the story lines. Your choices in the game will weave together the stories of all the players to give you a new experience every times you play.

Sea of Legends looks like an extremely ambitious project and from everything I have seen of the game it looks like Guildhall Studios has created an epic adventure game full of twists and turns to keep a player like me, who loves games about storytelling and discovery, very happy. The base game is packed with gorgeous art and striking mins to help bring your adventure to life. Sail on over to the Sea of Legends Kickstarter here for more info.

Battle of the Boybands

Ever wanted to manage your very own boy band? With Battle of the Boy Bands you can! In this card-drafting/take-that game, you’ll be building your boy band to try to satisfy special Event rules each round. You can sabotage your opponents with attack cards and play defense cards against their own attempts to bring your boys down. Once everyone has played their cards, the round ends, and everyone tallies up their points to see who won over the crowds and earned the most points.

The game looks light, silly, and delightful and who can resist a game full of well drawn anime hotties? Check out Battle of the Boy Bands on Kickstarter to learn more.


Plotalot is a family level card game about the highly contentious world of gardening. Players will be vying for plots of land in the English countryside to plant their vegetables. During the game you will be laying down plot cards and planting veggies. You can mess with your opponents by stealing their plots and sending pests into their gardens. Protect your plots from attack so you can harvest your edible bounty. The player who earns the most points from their harvests wins.

Plotalot is beautifully illustrated with quirky animal characters and tasty looking vegetables. With it’s compact design it looks like it might nicely portable for game nights or travelling and plays quickly enough that the take-that aspect of the game won’t leave bruised tomatoes or egos. Grab a copy for yourself by heading over to the Plotalot Kickstarter here.

Mini Golf Designer

I kinda love minigolf. It’s challenging yet ridiculous which is totally my jam. In Minigolf Designer you are trying to create the perfect 9 holes miniature golf course for your client by drafting tiles and arranging them to the client’s satisfaction. When drafting tiles you can pick any tile in the offer, but your placement will decide the picking order next turn. The most valuable tiles are at the end of the offer, but the father down the offer you go the later your next turn will be. Once the 9th hole is completed, players will score and the one with the most points wins.

Minigolf Designer is a little bit puzzle and little bit strategy. Figuring out what your opponents might be going for will help you decide which tiles you want to draft and where in line you want to put yourself. It looks like it will be fun for anyone who loves mini golf and/or tile laying games. Putt your way to fun by checking out Minigolf Designer on Kickstarter here.


Designed by Edmund McMillen (Designer and artist behind The Binding of isaac, Super Meat Boy), Tapeworm is a bright, cartoonish tile laying game about making really long tapeworms. Each turn you will announce a color and place cards of that color onto the table; building out your worm until you run out of that color or place a card with an end. You can also play action cards which let you do things like force another player to draw cards, sever a worm segment, or swap a card with another player. The first person with no cards in their hand wins.

The simple gameplay and fun illustrations makes Tapeworm a game you an share with younger players while still looking strategic enough to keep the adults entertained. Just like Edmund’s other works, it’s a little cute, a little gross, and probably a ton of fun. Get infected with Tapeworm on Kickstarter here.

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below and check back next week for more fun projects!

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