Who are we, anyway?

Meet the staff of Gameosity.com

Andrew Fisher – Chief Editor, Game Collector, Custom Dice Lover
Andrew’s been a gamer since he got the original NES when he was six years old, and has never felt the need or desire to stop.  A love of video games was joined by a love of roleplaying games in college, and then along came board games, which have become a real passion.  He likes all flavors of games, from the competitive to the cooperative, but he is happiest when everyone at the table is having a good time, no matter what the actual game is.

Recent favorites are Istanbul, Castles of Burgundy, Descent 2nd edition, and Splendor.

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Rob Rich – Senior Writer, Opinion Haver, Perspective Giver

Rob has been a gaming dork for the past 25+ years. His rabid love of board games is a bit more recent, having really kicked off within the past year or so, but it’s quickly catching up. His favorite board game things include modular boards, high replayability, and co-op. Favorite games (so far) include Bios Megafauna, Galaxy Trucker, Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game, Urbion, Elder Sign, and Friday.

He also just so happens to be in the process of designing his own card game, which has recently hit the “crappy-looking prototype” phase.

Jessica Fisher – PR Valkyrie, News Writer, Meeple Assigner, Pie Baker

Jessica Fisher is a freelance writer from NYC with a passion for worker placement games. In her spare time she practices karate, photographs fun things in NYC, bakes cookies, and generally geeks out about stuff. You can read some of her other work on Geek & Sundry

Joseph DeSimone – Head of RPGs, Winner of “Best Hair” on the site.

 Joe DeSimone is a Brooklyn-based game designer, educator, and organizational psychologist. He is the Managing Editor of Scrivened Games and an instructor at the Brooklyn Game Lab. In addition, he has developed game-based learning methodologies for training and coaching, which he practices with Joe Bisz of the City University of New York. In his free time, he thinks way too deeply about things that don’t merit it.

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Diana Teeter – Writer, Business Manager, Photograph Taker, Sanity Reinforcer

Diana is a casual gamer who is married to and seems to always surround herself with hardcore gamers.  On a gaming Saturday she is usually the one trying to convince the group that the sun is shining and a walk in the park would be nice, however if you pull out Elder Sign or a good deck builder she can be swayed to stay and game.

Diana also loves being an artist and can often be found with a paintbrush in hand or a camera nearby.

Joshua Gaylord – Writer, Teacher, and Rondel Lover.

Josh is a high school English teacher whose interest in board gaming is as intense as it is recent.  Brought up on Parcheesi and Uno, he discovered the world of modern hobby board gaming only a couple years ago–and his quickly-growing collection of games has already motivated multiple rearrangements of his furniture.  His favorite games tend to be medium-heavy Euros like Keyflower or Village, but–let’s face it–his tastes are promiscuous, and he finds it hard to turn down any game looking to get played.


Debbie Rolf – Photographer, Cosplay Enthusiast, Convention Veteran
Debbie is our newest member of the team.  Always having considered herself ‘gamer adjacent’ rather than a proper gamer (whatever that means), Debbie gives us a fresh perspective.  She’s already got some favorites, like the Harry Potter Deckbuilding Game, Pandemic, and Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, and has started dipping into the deeper end of the pool with some heavier Euros.  As our newest site photographer, she’ll make sure our reviews keep looking great!

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