Up to 4 players

Game in a Minute Splendor

Title: Splendor Publisher: Space Cowboys, Asmodee Release Date: 2014 Designer: Marc André Artist: Marc André, Pascal Quidault Player Count: 2-4 players For People Who Like: Building engines. Great two player game. Mining gems and buying some influence with nobles is

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The Palace of Mad King Ludwig Review

Title: The Palace of Mad King Ludwig Publisher: Bézier Games Release Date: 2017 Designer: Ted Alspach Artist: Jason Boles, Stephanie Gustafsson Player Count: 2-4 For People Who Like: Castles of Mad King Ludwig The Palace of Mad King Ludwig is

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Custom Heroes Review

Title: Custom Heroes Genre: Ladder Climbing, Shedding Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group Release Date: 2017 Designer: John D. Clair Artist: Matt Paquette Player Count: 2-4 Custom Heroes uses the same ‘card construction’ mechanisms from designer John D. Clair’s Mystic Vale, except

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